Monday, April 6, 2015

Another go.. and an analysis of opinions?

I'm here to give blogging another shot. If anything, just to record my current views and see how they change over time. 

Recently I've been thinking a lot about opinions and views that we all possess. I think it is better to have an open mind or, to explain further, a mind that is open to changing it's opinion. To have a solid and definitive opinion of anything is slightly presumptuous and even indicative of ignorance in some cases. In contrast, being able to synthesize incoming information to come to a new (or perhaps revised) conclusion of a certain topic is much more honorable and shows that you are not bound by prevailing opinions that have been thrust on you your whole life (either by others or even yourself). 

To put my idea into context, I always think of religion. I think to have an utterly defined definition of religion, God, the afterlife, etc. is not indicative of a strong mind, but a mind that refuses to change. This is not to say that those who believe in God are right or wrong.

I am merely saying that perhaps we should be asking more questions, listening to others with differing opinions, and taking in all this information to become more informed about what we believe to be true.

I suppose I am also insinuating that anything I post is my opinion AT THE TIME. My mind is always open to change, and my opinions often change. I believe that is what having a strong mind is all about.

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