Monday, April 6, 2015

Language Zen

Language Zen

Recently I've been a part of a research project carried about by a new language learning website: Language Zen (link above). The premise of the website is to learn a language in a stress free manner, hence the "zen". I think they have done a good job so far, especially being a new website. Being a part of the research means that I will get full access to the website after (as of now there is no cost to join, but perhaps there will be in the future?). What I've had to do is basically use language zen for 2 or more hours a week for a couple months. At the beginning I took a test to place my Spanish level, and after the research period I will take another to see if I improved using their learning system. I am eager to see the results.

  • Easy to use, visually appealing
  • Good for RECALL and not just recognition. Big plus for me.
  • Good native pronunciation of the language
  • Allows you to learn with music
  • Teaches you phrases and words you SHOULD know
  •  Only available language is Spanish (although they are planning to add more)
  • Grammar explanations could be more thorough
  • Doesn't include cultural tidbits

Overall, I like the system and I'm sure I'll continue to use it after the research is done. However, at this point I think the best way to utilize this website is as more of a review and a supplemental resource to other language learning techniques. I also hope they add more languages soon!


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