Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Box full of letters :)


  1. Swap-bot swap: "Promoting your blog!" username: hysteriskt

    Oh, such a joy! I recently took a picture just like this, of my box filled to the top with letters :)

    Letters is so precious too receive, they can turn a really bad day bright for me! :)

    1. Anna, you are definitely right about that! It makes my day to recieve a new letter in the mail :)

  2. I have two boxes of letters, one keep those letters I receive many years back since I was in primary school till I went to into Polytechnic (think you all call it Junior & Tertiary?)

    -- cfchai (Love Comment Blog ♥ (10))

  3. Letters! That's quite an accumulation. I like to keep mine in old photo boxes. Ones that have really nice stamps or any kind of mail art I put in a display book.
    [Akhenaten, swap-bot]