Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New addition to my collection of currencies!

 Today I received some new paper bills from Indonesia and Taiwan! Thank you so much to Bungaalangalang from swap-bot and my awesome pen pal from Taiwan :) (The Taiwan bill is the red one)

My new rainbow of money!


  1. I love other country's money. I find the money in the United States to be pretty blah, although the splashes of colour they add is better than it used to be. I did a happy dance of joy when they released the new $5 and it had purple on it, since that's my favorite colour.

    Stephanie - follow me #8

  2. Hi,
    Nice to received other countries currencies.
    I personally also collect them, usually try to leave a few piece of 'leftover' notes to keep. Do you know that Taiwan 200NT note is not in production anymore? :)

    -- cfchai (Love Comment Blog ♥ (10))

  3. That is so great! I love currency from other countries too! I love how swap-bot brings so many people from so many countries together in friendship. I love this blog. Great ideas.
    Love Comment Blog

  4. you know...the Indonesian bills with bigger amount are more colorful, I can send you, but just the picture :p

  5. I see that you have quite a bit of Indian Currency... you have Indian PenPal? Just curious..!

    rtwong (Follow Me #8)

  6. that's amazing!!! I can't imagine such simple things as bills can be so different-looking, from color to size, depending on country. You have a great collection, keep it up!!
    Jungpo follow me 9