Monday, November 19, 2012

The Holiday Spirit

Today I went to Joann Fabrics to pick up a few things. I got some stickers, craft items, etc. When I went to the cash register to pay the cashier asked me if I had any coupons to use. I said I didn't and the lady who had just paid before me turned around and said, "Is it okay if I let her use one of my coupons?" The cashier agreed and I thanked the nice woman. She got me 20% off my items! It was so sweet of her to do that, and it made my entire day. It's an amazing thing when people's actions are selfless and come from the bottom of their hearts. It motivated me to do something for someone. I don't know who the woman was, but I thank her again. Time to let the holiday spirit show! :)


  1. It's always inspiring to hear stories of random acts of kindness. It made me happy hearing about how nice the lady was to you.

  2. That's so great! I love it when things like that happen, it's so awesome when people do nice things especially for people they don't know. It's something you always remember. :)

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  3. Hooray for nice people!!

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  4. It is so nice of the lady and so lucky of you! Haha, I love kind gesture - whether to receive or to give, it always brighten up my day!

    -- cfchai (Love Comment Blog ♥ (10)